3 reasons to jointhe underfloor heating movement

1. Underfloor heating is quick to install

Way quicker than what you’re used to. We swear. No more soldering, pipe bending or rads to drive you up the wall.

2. And easy, too

Free technical support. Award-winning manuals and products. Site visits and your own dedicated Account Manager. Bespoke system design, every time, and detailed layout drawings to keep you on track. We’d struggle to make it any easier.

3. You can fit it anywhere

Renovation? New build? Kitchen refurb? No problem. There’s a Nu-Heat system for every job. That means endless business opportunities.

Join us.Be part of the underfloormovement.

Nu-Heat underfloor heating is quick to install, fantastically effective and the design bit gets done for you. It’s time to break free from restrictive radiators.


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About Nu-Heat

Nu-Heat has over 25 years’ experience in the design and supply of underfloor heating and renewable systems.

We offer you the very best technical expertise and support to make installation simple, whatever the project. Request a callback to find out more about how we support you, from a dedicated Account Manager to free site visits.

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